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“The Fall of Rome” is a five song concept EP that follows the thoughts and actions of John, a radio talk show host and citizen of a society at a crossroads. It chronicles John’s fight against a prevailing tide of collectivism championed by The New Authority. John tries to explain to his listeners the dangers of what The New Authority is doing through historical examples.

The radio broadcast portions of the recording use excerpts from a speech by Prof. Lawrence Reed entitled "The Fall of Rome and Modern Parallels". A text version of the speech in it's entirety can be obtained at the Foundation for Economic Education web site.

Text of Prof. Reed’s Speech - “The Fall of Rome and Modern Parallels"

The speaking part of John is performed by Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio.

You can hear Stefan’s reading of Prof. Reed’s entire speech on YouTube.

Stefan Molyneux’s Reading of “The Fall of Rome and Modern Parallels"

All songs written by Keith Leedham

with lyrical acknowledgments to the genius of Ayn Rand and Neil Peart.

Produced by Keith Leedham and Rob Kosinski.

Recorded at Two Creeks Recording, Lebanon, Tn. and Endevor Sound, Largo, Fl.

Keith Leedham: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Percussion and Sound Effects

Rob Kosinski: Guitars, Piano and Drums.

Rob Kosinski - Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist and

Co-Producer of The Fall of Rome